PASD Proposal: Pickleball Facility at Robb Field

    • PASD funds 100% of an estimated $2.5M cost to create a centralized pickleball facility.
    • Repurpose 6 of 12 tennis courts at Robb Field to 20 premium pickleball courts completed within six weeks (there are 25 additional tennis courts 600 feet away at Barnes).
    • Resurface all 12 tennis courts and re-fence the entire area (all new).
    • Build 52 new parking spaces to accommodate greater use of the park. 
    • Create an open-air clubhouse/lounge that pickleball and tennis players can share.
    • Provide stadium seating, shade structures, tables, and wind barriers.
    • Add a premium bathroom facility with washrooms and a 24-hour attendant.
    • Manage an annual national tournament, with proceeds going to the City.
    • Contribute at least $100K/year to the City, dedicated solely to improving park space.
    PASD would manage the pickleball portion with a Special-Use Permit (SUP), same as the 12 municipal tennis clubs have, and in turn provide San Diego with its first-ever dedicated pickleball facility. PASD also suggested two alternate sites: University City Racquet Club and Pacific Beach Tennis Club. At this time, there are zero park space locations put forth by the City, including over 50 that PASD explored and analyzed for the City. Only three are eligible for PASD’s proposal to build on from scratch (parking, square feet, legal, environmental, and residential issues). We remain focused on repurposing public park space and optimizing it for public use.