Winter Newsletter (Start of 2022!)

Project Update (2021 Recap and 2022 Plans):

We were busy in 2021. In January, we presented a formal proposal to build a pickleball facility with 36 courts at Robb Field in Ocean Beach. This was presented to both Andy Fields, the Director of Parks & Recreation in San Diego, and his Deputy, Shelly Stowell. In March, we presented a shortened version of these plans to the Ocean Beach Town Council, which was attended by over 1,200 local residents. Although we presented it to the Nobel Park Recreation Board in June, the proposal was formally rejected. We will not comment further about Nobel, as Robb Field is a superior option and we will focus our energies there.

We are again in contact with the local park boards/committees, City Council, City Parks & Recreation Office, and the Mayor’s office to consider our latest formal proposal, which will be finalized and presented by February 2022.

Although we have determined upwards of fifteen viable parks to build on, we will propose just two primary locations in the 2022 proposal. One is Robb Field, in Ocean Beach, proposing 18 to 36 courts, and the second location is at Morley Field in Balboa Park, proposing 20. Both locations would be a premium facility with dedicated courts, lights, permanent nets, umbrellas, tables, seating, and all other amenities, making the facility one of the nicest in the country once completed. We would also renovate the clubhouse and bathroom facilities at Robb, bringing thousands of players per year to a facility that currently struggles for utilization.

The Parks Department wants to sprinkle 1-2 courts at a handful of local parks, but this would not make a dent in the problem. And it wouldn’t address the social aspects of the game. Like a bowling alley, folks like to come together, socialize, play, and watch. It’s an experience that individual bowling lanes sprinkled around town would not augur. We have the same view for pickleball. As professional players ourselves, and organizers at clubs like Bobby Riggs, University City Racquet Club, PB Tennis Club, and currently at Barnes in Point Loma, we seek to create this on a much larger scale, investing our own funds (and time) to make this happen.

Stay tuned for a media article being published within a month, as well as updates on who you can contact or even where to show up in person to show support for the project at the right times and places.

Wishing everybody a nice 2022 full of plenty of pickleball!